Model “Bunny”. Strapless Adhesive Bra Self Adhesive Nipple




Model “Bunny” is a sticky invisible bra using reusable silicone of high quality which can easily replace the standard bra as has no shoulder straps that is good for comfort during wearing it on your body and makes putting on much easier.

This product will perfectly accentuate the forms with the dresses and other similar things having big cuts, not closing or covering them by underwear that is good if you want to look maximum open at the places from personal meetings to evening parties and usual dates.

Because of the polyester and silicone material it will be completely unnoticeable. And with the help of the special glue, the same make, you will not feel it on yourself. Taking into account the described earlier, it all will present you an unforgettable look.

The product uses nipples for holding. The girth over the chest may be eight, ten and twelve and a half centimeters.

This unnoticeable bust-substitute is very easy in applying on yourself and based on what have been said earlier you may understand that it is removable and extremely convenient.