Model “Natural silicone bust”. Push Up Silicone Bra Self Adhesive Seamless Strapless Front Closure




Model “Natural silicone bust” is invisible and silicone based. It is designed specifically not have to worry about the bra visible in the dress or falling straps! Natural silicone bust is almost insensible in wearing and is completely invisible under clothes. The special design of Natural silicone bust cups significantly improves the shape of the breast, making it lifted and round.

Main characteristics of classic Model “Natural silicone bust”:

  • invisible and strapless bra without a back for a deep neckline;
  • absolutely smooth, there are no seams, pattern, or bones. The edge of the bra is laser-treated;
  • special design of Natural silicone bust cup lifts and rounds the shape of the breast;
  • made of soft and nice to the feel breathing material;
  • securely attached to breasts by a sticky silicone layer;
  • there is no sticky layer in the nipple area, which provides comfortable long wearing;
  • fastener between the cups makes the cleavage look sexually.

This bra does not have straps, fasteners, as well as seams, patterns and other protruding elements that may be visible under open or tight clothes. Natural silicone bust self-adhesive surface is hypoallergic and is safe for the skin. The bra is designed for long wearing.